I have added another thing to my list of things never to do again...  

Judge a citywide BBQ cookoff!!!


Now at first glance this seemed like a dream come true. Free food, free entry to the cook off, lots and lots of ribs and brisket, and other good stuff. Boy was I ever wrong!

First of all I am a big eater and I think it is unnatural to consume that much food in three hours. Second of all, this being West Texas and all, I severly miscalculated the quality of the BBQ. I mean really, it was terrible!!!! I have had better BBQ than that cooked on a smoker that was falling apart in the back of someone's pick-up truck at 4:00 AM.

Now I know there must have been some good food, because once we finished choking down all the dry flavorless brisket we could my friend Emily came over smiling talking about how good the food was at her judging table. Really?!?!?! Life's so not fair!

Now Russ and I are both lying on the couch almost comatose from all the food, oh well this is a good opportunity to watch USC go down to Oregan State!!!