Superbowl Shakedown

1. SURPRISE: Queen Latifa put Carrie Underwood to shame in both outfit and vocals 2. NO SURPRISE: Colts came out and rocked the first half.

3. SURPRISE: Commercials were overall bad and uncreative. You just spent 2 1/2 Million $$$$ on  30 sec. MAKE IT WORTH IT!!!!

4. NO SURPRISE: Google had a great commercial and we all got a good laugh at Brett Farve's expense.

5. SURPRISE: The Who was the halftime show. Evidently the money crunch has even hit the Superbowl planning commitee.

6. NO SURPRISE: As is the case with old rockers, their hair looked the same, their clothes looked the same, however the flash of belly we kept getting from the guitar player was most likely not quite the same.

7. SURPRISE: Saints came out pretty gutsy in the second half and turned it around. WHO DAT?

8. NO SURPRISE: I am still in food coma from all of the wonderful food I ate and staying up late with my friends!!!