Surprise Surprise

Listen I hate to say y'all are encouraging my whining, but I will say the pity party I had a few weeks ago has had some very pleasant side effects. Because somebody has decided to spoil me rotten.


First I got a five pound bag of Sour Patch Kids and it didn't have a card but I figured it just got left out of the package.

But then the next day I got this...


Which is Big Mama's book if you read her blog. They forgot their card too!

(Inserting book review here: I loved it and I read the whole thing in like four hours and I laughed and laughed and laughed until I got to then end and then I cried.) (It's not a sad book I just have raging hormones and oh my goodness my whittle bitty babies are growing up!) (I digress.)

And theeeeeeeeen...


This happened and I realized someone is mysteriously spoiling me. (I'm quick like that)

And obviously it's someone that gets me on a deep and profound level because that included red polka dot sunglasses and a musical reference.

Also dear person (I'm assuming its a blog reader because they know deeply personal things about me that I only share with the whole wide Internet closest of friend), Lily does not take her sunglasses off. Ever. To say she loves them profoundly would be a understatement.

So we have a mystery now. Hmmmmmmm...