5 things that won't survive this Texas Tech University football season: 5. Matt Williams future as he knew it two months ago.---From the stands to kicker for the #2 team in the nation. Not to mention that he's good. I mean really good. Lou Holtz wasn't joking when he said Leach could fall out of bed in West Texas and find great talent.

4. The original laws in math.---Because 5+6 does indeed equal 7.

3. Domino's dollar off for every touchdown.---Seriously much more of this and they are going to be paying us to buy pizza.

2. My vocal cords.---They desperately need a break and I would really like for people to recoginize me as a woman on the phone.

1. Texas Tech Univerity's inferiority complex.---We've always been a really good team in a great conference. We've always been a few steps behind. We could lose the rest of the games and still our infiriority complex could not survive. Time to get over it kids. We know we can do it's time to start expecting it from our Red Raiders!!!