Sweatin' it

I'm back at the gym these days for a variety of reasons (new job serves food, it's January, my jeans are tight...you know the drill.) I've discovered that I'm in absolutely terrible shape, but like any good exerciser I've set reasonable and achievable goals. So I've been running and increasing a little bit each day.

So the other day I was sweating like a crazy and gasping for breath and I made a fatal mistake. I looked at the girl next to me.

Well actually first I looked at her treadmill. It was at 4.3 miles at 6.5 mph. YIKES!!!!  Then I proceeded to look at the girl...she looked about 6 months pregnant with her belly almost touching the bar, bouncing up and down without a care in the world.

I felt exhausted and achy. WHAT?!?!? Something is wrong with this? Isn't she supposed to feel tired and achy??? Aren't I supposed to be healthy and bouncy???  Why am I the one feeling like something is sapping me of all my energy?

Hard lesson learned, now I know why they say not to compare yourself! I was a little discouraged, but now when I see her at the gym I make sure she is a few treadmills away from me!

Who knows? Maybe sometime in the next ten years I'll be able to run 4.3 miles!