Sweet a Sugar

I am as sweet as sugar. No, really, it's true. Now I know that some of you may have problems believing that (for reasons that I cannot even begin to fathom) however I have proof. What proof, you may ask.

Well that would be the ten billion huge bug bites I am covered in from our camping trip. The camping trip to Allen Henry Lake was for the most part a huge success. It was fun and relaxing to swim, read, roast weenies, and sit by an open fire and basically just spend some quality time with Russ.

However, it had a few (very minimal) drawbacks. Besides the blistering heat, cacti scratches, and excesive sunburn (despite layers of sunscreen) there were the bugs. Did I say bugs? Excuse me. I meant to say BUGS!!!!

I am now covered from head to toe in the biggest bug bites you have ever seen (no really). Horse flies, mosquitoes, bees, you name it they loved me! Oh and then there was that issue of the skunk. Yup you heard right. Skunk. Now the good news is that we all came out of it smelling sweet (of course that didn't help the bug situation), the bad news is of course that about 4:00AM the local skunk decided that it wanted our leftovers.

In most situations of a wild animal in your camp you could just  leave it alone or scare it away. Let's explore the latter first because it is the simple one scare a skunk and you will stink. Period. Now as far as leaving it alone (which is what we did) that is actually a good plan. However it is also a difficult plan with a very protective dog trapped in a tent and the fear that you will have to get all your stuff packed up, put in the car and endure an hour long ride home with skunk smell. Luckily (for everyone's nose) we came out okay!

Right now I'm in Miami (Texas that is) nursing my bites! Call me if you want to play!