System Breakdown

We have a very specific morning routine around here. I know. You're shocked. Russ does his morning thing. I wake up at six, start breakfast and read my Bible and at 6:23 the Bugs light turns on and Russ goes and gets her out of bed. Some days she wakes up before the light goes off and she knows to wait until the light comes on and daddy will come sweeping in to get her. It is a painfully consistent routine that we have had for her for almost a year.

That system came crashing down this morning.

I am still a little shaken by the experience. Feel free to send me a few pats on the back.

Around 6:20 this morning we hear Lily wake up. Russ was helping me get breakfast ready so he continued to do so. And then it stopped. We no longer heard Lilybug.

We continued talking and then heard her say, "Mommy,Mommy"

It was different though. Strangely loud. And getting louder.

Russ and I looked wide eyed at each other. And both quickly walked around the corner into the living room.

There she was in all her glory. She has woken up, climbed out of her crib, opened her door, and pitter pattered her little sled into the kitchen.

Oh help!

I am now at a complete loss for what to do in the morning.