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Deception and Desperation

Oh village. 

How we need y'all right now. 

This morning we went to pick up the boys' passports. There were some strange last-minute circumstances around the passports, but things change so quickly around here that wrote it off as just random process changes. 

They weren't.

We showed up in a crowded, smelly office the size of a walk in closet with the boys' bio aunt. When we got there the "officer" explained that we needed to tell the boys to call their Aunt, "mom" and that they were going to take the boys to the passport office without us. 

Ummmmm. No. 

The whole things was more than strange and fortunately due to my friend Laura giving us her packet from her adoption agency we knew perfectly well that this isn't how you are supposed to get passports. 

I was on the verge of tears. We refused to lie. We refused to tell the boys to lie. 

Turns out somewhere in the last few week someone involved in the Uganda side of our adoption decided that we could get our passports faster if we lied and pretended they weren't being adopted and had a "mother" apply for them.

I am sick. 

So as we sat down to re-start the process correctly, Russ and I discussed how best to handle the now very long amount of time we will be staying. 

I sat facing a longer stay. I sat facing the separation of my family. 

I checked a message from my dad. 

And y'all. Your prayers are so desperately needed because I found out that my grandmother passed away. 

I am devastated not to be with my extended family right now. My heart is broken and because of the deceit today it is verging on bitter. 

Please pray for my dad and my whole family. Please pray for my immediate family and the decisions we need to make. Please pray for the boys' passports, that a miracle would happen and we could get passports in a couple of weeks. 

Thank You village.