Flying with Kids

Thirty One Giveaway!!!!

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Joshua said to them, "Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the LORD will do to all the enemies you are going to fight."

But it might as well say, "Do not Google; do not be discouraged," because today we are headed to Oregon on an airplane which is no big deal because adults will out number children. However, I will be flying back with the girls on Wednesday. That's right. Just "I".

A moment of sheer idiocy caused me to do the unthinkable and Google traveling with two under two, thinking I might get some good tips. Ummmmmmm, no. Instead I was blasted with articles and message boards about people an their kids getting kicked off of airplanes and diatribes about why kids shouldn't be allowed on airplanes in the first place. (You know what would help people grow up to be well adjusted polite travelers? Never traveling as a kid.) (Oh wait! That doesn't make any sense)

Anyways out of sheer terror an abundance of concern for my fellow passengers I started preparing.

A few months ago I became a consultant for Thirty One Gifts because I love bags, and parties,and monograming, and I respect their values, and hey! extra cash.

So I pulled out all the stops in my travel preparation.

#1 Small Carry On and ONLY ONE! I figure I'll be annoying enough with trying to get two kids strapped in and settled no need to also be trying to cram things overhead and under the seat.


After that I chose several things that utilized space well and kept things contained. I'll share in pictures:

20120906-144725.jpg Cosmetic Bag that contains pencils, colors, a notebook, stickers and a calculator (or as Lily calls it "computer" (technically she is right)), I'm also gonna grab some snacks and put then in here once we get to the airport. Also I'll Probably throw my liquids in there after security.

20120906-144918.jpg Zipper Pouch stuffed full of diapers, Desitin and wipes (I put both the girls in fours so that we wouldn't have to take threes and fives)

20120906-145045.jpg Small Zipper Pouch that has extra paci's, Tylenol (for mommy), and Dramamine (I don't have motion sickness but I always carry it in case of pregnancy) (Not that I think I'll spontaneously inpregnante or something, but if you had puked as much as I have in the last two years you would be paranoid too)

20120906-145316.jpg Timeless Wristlet, This has my cards, my phone, my touch ( that has Angelina Ballerina downloaded on it), and my license all compact and handy and just to make it even handier?...

I hooked it to the bag so it won't get buried right when I need to get through security or pay for some lunch.

This bag also has SEVEN outside pockets

20120906-145605.jpg Those front ones have a nursing cover, my liquids in a plastic baggy for easy access, and a sling (I use Hugamonkey). I kept the back two empty for water bottles and the sides empty for shoes that with doubtless get taken off (Lily, not me...maybe).

So here is the deal pickles, I'm so excited about this I'm doing a giveaway!

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