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My Baby

I know it makes some of y'all kind of sick, but I'm currently in that post-partum euphoric state that I go to when I have a newborn. Loving every sweet second of it. And the food. Because seriously, as long as I'm the one cooking around here we will never eat as good as we do when our village brings us food. What I'm really here to answer is one of the most frequently asked questions since Miss Jane was born. How are the girls handling it?

Lily refers to her as "my baby" and is completely obsessed with all things Jane. She likes to fuss over her and make sure I am doing things correctly. In fact a couple of days ago while Russ was changing a diaper inevitably making Jane cry I heard Lilybug ask him, "Why are you making my baby cry?" Yeah. It was adorable.

Ava ever the cuddly one wants to hold her all the time or at the very least be near her. She will shower kisses on Jane given half a chance and if she so much fusses while in my arms I have to hold on tight because without fail Ava will come try to get her from me.

Neither of them are real crazy about her having to take naps, because who wants their real life baby doll taken away from them?!?!

I'm keeping an eye out for when the honeymoon wears off and things start to head South but so far we are all still a little blissful with each other!