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In Which I Have Something to Say About Swimsuits....

This conversation has come up in about four different situations recently regarding swimwear in which the women and young ladies I am talking to are frustrated at the lack of swimsuits that they feel comfortable wearing.

And theeeeeeennnnnnn...I read this post from We Are That Family, and I amen'ed right along with it, but as I read the comments I noticed that lots of the women mentioned not ever being able to find modest swimwear.

I don't believe that is true. I think you can find lots. Problem is most of it is stuff that would make our great grandmothers feel frumpy.

What a bummer.

However, whether your a mom that needs more coverage than you used to, a woman that just wants something a little modest, or a teenager looking for a swimsuit that your daddy will actually let you wear out of the house I want you to know they are out there. And they're cute. And feminine. Or sporty. Or trendy. Or whatever your thing is.

So I'm about to do something I've never done on this blog before...a fashion post. These swimsuits will reflect my personal bias against one pieces (seriously the most uncomfortable bathroom situation ever) and also boy shorts (because my rather muscular thighs don't allow for that), but these sites have a wide variety of styles so check 'em out if you don't see your flavor here. *Edited to Add* A friend pointed out many of these also aren't good for larger busts. Also not a problem I deal with, but the sites do have thicker straps and more supportive tops!


Neon Salmon from Down East Basics: I'm pretty sure that falls under trendy.


Down East Basics Sunset Tankini: Shirred= Ultimately Flattering


Shades: In case you love vintage like me.


Shades: I think this one looks really young and fun. Maybe because it is so bright!


Lime Ricki: I love ruffles and this picture doesn't show the bottoms, but the top reaches all the way to them.


Lime Ricki: A little sportier without actually being a plain speedo.

So there you have it, the first and probably only fashion post I will ever do!