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Positive Reinforcement



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Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

So here is what is really going on, we got a positive ruling from the court which means we are legal guardians of the boys! We were also supposed to wait around for our written ruling, but that courthouse was doing nothing good for the boys' hearts so we bailed and let our agency rep get it for us. 

We are now embarking on the passport process, which could get complicated. Prayers would be appreciated. 

In other widely exciting news, Nanna is here! Because of attachment issues we are still the only ones that are hands on with the boys, but it is obvious that the girls desperately needed some Nanna love, and so did Russ and I for that matter. The work at hand is still intense, but it is made a little easier knowing that if one needs to be taken to the bathroom, the parent left isn't alone with four kids under flour. Yesterday when we drove to Kampala, we left the big girls here with Nanna, and I think it was a much needed vacation for them and a far more comfortable car ride for us!

Please keep praying, now that we have our ruling we start the difficult and complicated work of getting through Embassy and getting the boys home!