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Prayers and Pics July 16th

"Dear Lord, please get us through the day!" (I kid, we were trying to isolate our sense of smell)

People! Thank you for your continued prayers, they are definitely felt. 

Here is what is currently up:

-You could not pray enough for us to continue to attach as a family. It is actually going pretty well, but it as if it has finally sunk in for all five kids that this isn't temporary. Everyone is having their own special reaction. We need to be knit together so tightly in this time.

-Sanity. Part of knitting together as a family is actually being together as a family. Which we are. Twenty four hours a day. Including all sleeping in the same room. It is intense and Russ and I are over touched and over stimulated.

-Ruling and passports. As the intended day for our ruling approaches, I find myself getting more and more nervous. It is pretty common for these things to not get done, and to get pushed back, as a result I find myself trying to find a buffer of protection in doubt and cynicism. No one likes that person. That isn't what God wants of me. Please help me to be a woman of faith.

-Fasting. If you would like to join me on the 23rd for a day of prayer and fasting I would really appreciate it. I know that we will get this done in God's perfect timing, but there isn't one single thing wrong with asking that His timing allow our family to stay and see this through together. Please pray that we will get a ruling on the 24th and possibly passports that day as well.


We have made some major progress with the institutional behaviors! It is slow creeping progress that someone on the outside might not even notice, but we do. There is more light in the boys' eyes and less panic in their hearts. Amen.

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Just singing in the rain! Or running and jumping. Whateve.She didn't get the game, but she is a doll!At the end of a long day.

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