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Defining Family

"Dadee, what is family?"

1. a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
2. all the descendants of a common ancestor.
He knows what a family is. He has family.

It has just been a long time since he has lived in a family.

He hears us say it over and over again.

"This is what families do"

"Because we are your family"

"Families love."

"That is your family, and we are your family too" 

He is trying to understand, not the definition of family. But what family really means.

Is it when he scoops his baby sister under the arms and carries her across the yard? When he gets mad because his parents tell him no? Is being in a family holding hands and praying before eating? Or having to help clean up afterwards?

Is it learning to say, "I'm sorry" when you have hurt your sisters or brother? Is it sitting on the couch for devotion time in the morning? Is it storming off when you don't get your way, knowing that you won't be left alone?

Is it crying out for daddy in the night? Or is it asking mommy to pick you up? Is it chasing your sisters around the yard. Or coming in to clean up when you would rather stay out and play?

Is it feeling safe?

The answer is there silently speaking the word.


It is the love that Christ has for us.

The love he gives us freely to love others.

It is the word whispered when the fear washes over his little heart that we won't always be there.

It is the Spirit in me when I'm not sure I have enough to keep going on.

It is the nervousness is my little boys' voice when they say, "I love you" for the first time. Still not sure what it means, not even sure if they mean it. But they believe it from us enough to repeat it.

It may not be the only thing we need right now, but it is the root of everything we need right now. It is the rich soil where this family is laying down roots. Roots that dig deep into a Savior that loves enough to graft us together. Faithful enough to cut away the chaff. Strong enough to bind us together.

To bind us to Him.

So we love. We love because he first loved us.


My twinkie-dinks. What you don't see it?

Cry room at church. Ugandan style.

photo 1-9

Trek to the swings for my sensory seeking kiddos!