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We are done with court!!!!!!!!!

It was a loooooooooong day yesterday, but our lawyer and babies' home director both felt that it went really well.

By long day I mean that it was the CRAZIEST five hours door to door evah! Our driver was 45 minutes late, but knowing our beloved Uganda the way we do we had actually planned one step ahead and asked him to be there 30 minutes before we needed to leave! 

Ha! Take that!

When we got to court everything was good. At first. All the people we needed to show up to testify showed up, and on time, no less.

But then all the people. All. The. People. Were crowded into a tiny waiting area and one of the boys panicked. He is a runner. And he ran. And ran. And ran. 

I chased him down the stairs in heels and blazer no less than three times. One time I had to kick my shoes and he made it three flights before I caught him. 

Oh sweet desperation. We have been in utter rebellion since then. I will be glad when the day comes for no more appointments!

We also got the good news that they can administer written rulings during the court break and we were promised a written ruling on the 24th. Please pray hard that we actually get it! That would give us three weeks to get embassy stuff done before Russ has to go home. 

Listen y'all. We need to get home all together. I cannot fathom how I could survive this without him. Pray. Pray. And when you are bored, please pray some more that we get that ruling and then get through embassy. 

Because this mama? Cannot do it alone. 

There is about a 5% chance we will have a smooth visa process and about a 95% chance of difficulties. 

Pray the 5%.