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Dear Daddy, On Soccer and Dresses

Dear Daddy,

Remember that time you coached my soccer team? Remember how I made you crazy because I just played with the flowers and did cartwheels and then got mad when you wouldn't let me play the position I wanted? Remember how I refused to kick the ball and you wanted to pull me out of the game for being such a diva? (Yeah, that was bad. I'm sorry about that.)

You might want to have a chat with your beloved son-in-law:

It is a lovely dress though, and it spins so beautifully!

The one in the red jersey however? He might just make it up to you. That kid loves to run, jump, kick, climb, and throw all day long. Not to mention he is just a teeny tiny tad bit (okay, he's hardcore) competitive. 

Daddy coaches are the best!

Also, just in case you were wondering about your youngest granddaughter, she is actually she was chopping at the bit for some action too. Who knows, maybe she won't take after her stubborn mama! (But if she does, I know you will be on the sidelines having a good chuckle!)

photo 3 photo 4

Love you, 

Your still-not-playing-soccer daughter!