Uganda Travel Adoption

Jinja Town

Okay peeps, we are back in Jinja.

The fact is we, as a family, are loud and overstimulating. Kampala, as a city, it too. We needed some counterbalance somewhere. So we are back in Jinja where it is a little bit easier for us to function.

As far as anything else new?

Well, not so much.

The fact is that nothing will be new until we get our written ruling which isn't even scheduled to happen until the 24th. 

We are purposely trying not to make anything new. We are finding a rhythm as a family of seven and also trying to find comfort somewhere therein. That means keeping to pretty much the same routine every. single. day.

Y'all. It's hard. It is really stinking hard for me. 

Most of you know I am not a "same" kind of person. I'm a "different" kind of person. (I heard you snicker!)

But if there is one thing that it appears God is trying to teach me, first by marriage, then by bio kids, and lately by adoption, it is that…it's not about me. 

What a disappointment. 

I kid. 

Sort of. 

This is about Kingdom work. This is about discipling for the building up of the church. This is ministry. This is mission. This is about being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

And it is about doing it every. single. day. 

Not just the big "YES" to God days. 

The same 'ole same days. 

To my husband. To my daughters. To my sons. 

Pray for me y'all. In a time of steady routine and constant pace, I am drowning a little. But in going under I am taking gulps of living water. He is changing me for good. 

And hopefully for the better. 

Perhaps a "Day in the African life of the Hodges'" tomorrow? 

Just our kids playing in a parking lot with some traffic cones. See why we needed out of the city?