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So tonight we were all snuggling on the bed and daddy announced that it was time for the Bug to get her teeth brushing done. She turned into spaghetti and declared that she didn't have any "muffins" so she couldn't sit up. She went on to say her lack of "muffins" and strength meant that she would just have to lay there and giggle for the rest of the night. Oh if only muscles were muffins. Wouldn't that be great?!?!

Ummm they're not. It turns out I've been doing a little experiment on that this last year and one definitely does not equal the other.

So third pregnancy has been a tough one and that stinks. Right before that I was still in a "new mommy" I still have some time before I seriously need to whip myself back into shape mode. Except that time never came. And I'm really starting to feel like I don't have any muffins. The other day I went to grab a couple of gallons of water and it was hard...what?!?!?

See I was teaching and taking around ten dance classes almost entirely through both of my pregnancies. Turns out that was keeping me in pretty good shape, but that's just not possible to do right now with where we are in life.

So I've known for a few months now it was time to clean up my act, but I just couldn't get my groove back. I tried those Pinterest workouts that are ten or twenty minutes or one song or whatever but they all seemed kinda boring. Ideally working out in a large social group would be my thing but Zumba was happening during my crash time and then it got canceled because the teacher is as sick pregnant as I am. And the the drive to a gym and expense involved excludes that as an option.

I've been fizzling into a lump of play dough. I've got a lot babies to lift and this just wasn't going to work.

So on the Vitafamiliae Facebook page the other day she mentioned Barre3.

I chewed on it for a few days and then took the plunge and signed up for my $15 a month. I'm three days in and here is why I love it:

-I can watch it mobile. Love that I can do it on my phone.

-I can choose the amount of time I take. They have 10, 30, 40, & 60 minute options. The other day at Naptime I did a 40 minute and in the evening I did a 10 minute dynamic stretch. Today was a little crazier so I did a 10 in the morning, 30 at nap, and the 10 min stretch this evening.

-They stretch a lot. Which is my favorite part of working out. Also because it is ballet/Pilates based you work and stretch your muscles in an amazingly balanced way.

-The Quake. That's what they call it in barre circles when your legs start shaking uncontrollably. It's awesome. I can't go to the bathroom. But it's awesome.

-Core work. Not crunches and ab work, but core work. Which means I can do it and feel it. Even four and half months pregnant.

-They say Grande Plié instead of squat. Now this isn't by any means ballet or even a real barre but something about working out on the music and having decent dance terminology soothes my soul.

Right now it's looking like this might work for me. What works for you. How are you working in a work out in the crazy seasons?