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Earthquakes, Ripples and Meaning It

So yesterday I cried. I actually had a great day. But my friend Beth? Wrote something about me and it made me cry.

Because when she looks at me, she thinks I live live like God means what He says.

Oh sweet mercy.

Every once in awhile that happens. Every once in awhile I stare bravely in to the face of scripture and I believe what God says. 

But it's nothing close to every day. I would even, sadly, say it's rare that I take God a face value.

But I'm not saying Beth is wrong. 

Because every once in awhile it happens. And I live like a believe God means what he says. And I know it happens because it causes an earthquake.

It shakes my whole world. It shakes the world around me until everyone teeth are chattering that are within reach of the epicenter.

Know how I know that happens?

Because my teeth chatter when other people do it. When Beth does it. When she lives her live with a bold and fearless vulnerability that  overwhelmingly aromatic of Jesus inviting His disciples to come and see where he lives. To fling the doors wide open with all the beauty and all the mess and show them Jesus. I feel it in my bones every time my friend Jessica does it to me. She is the most joyful person I know out of sheer gratefulness to God. Not only do I think Ann Voskamp would be proud of her, I think she might even want a little of what Jess has got. Joy when no one would mind if you complained. I know it happens when my friend Suzanne does it. When she absolutely and actually prays without ceasing. She takes God at His word and storms His gates constantly.

Oh. Y'all.

What if we did this? What if we lived like God meant what He said the other 99.5% of the time. What if we were all earthquaking so much that we turned this world flat inside out for a Jesus that did the same for us?

Let's do that shall we sisters? And let's start here, by inspiring. And loving. And encouraging. And aspiring. To the perfection of the gospel. That is love.