Taking Responsiblility

I am by rule not a resolution maker. For OH SO OBVIOUS reasons!!!! But this year I made a secret resolution to not be a winter weather whiner. I was even starting to annoy myself with my cold weather funk. And please allow me to define 'cold weather' for the purposes of this post as anything under 60 degrees.

Yup. I've been groaning for awhile.

Anyways I feel like the Lord has really put that to the test in the last month. And, boy, have I failed horribly!

So anyways all that is to say that I'm sorry. Boo said that since I am the one being tested here the responsibility for God sending so much snow really falls on me.

I take full responsibility for my now not-so-secret resolution.

As far as the whining goes? I'm working on. I certainly don't want to have to retake this test!