Tea Party

And Sarah Palin's got nothing on this tea party! Lily went to her first party today and it was very exciting. She went and visited all her friends that have been born in the last couple of weeks.

And I must say as mother's of new baby's we will do almost anything to keep our babies happy. We feed them, clothe them, rock them to sleep, cuddle them when they fuss, change very dirty diapers, and of course...

Lay them all on the ground under the Christmas Tree despite discomfort, hunger, or dirty diapers so that we can get a really cute picture. Why? Because we are moms and that's what moms do. ( I mean really were you ever comfortable getting you picture taken as a kid?!?!?)

And if you think newborns can't have a great party you would be wrong. Because newborns know whats important in life. The know about Dolce Vita. They lay around. They Sleep. They eat.

Tell me that doesn't sound wonderful. I mean really really wonderful.

So go ahead and start working on your invites now that these sweet ones have shown you how its done.

Lily Playing with her friend Sam