That Time I Loved Goldfish

Right now we have a plate of brownies sitting on our counter. After nap, we will no longer have a plate of brownies sitting on our counter.

Because, you know, brownies.

And I'm hungry.

In fact, I can't ever remember not being hungry. I had a friend in college that was always like, "Did I eat lunch? I can't remember." (I'm talking to you, Ashley)

And that is CRAZY. That has happened to me exactly one time in my ENTIRE LIFE and it was about three weeks ago. There was a good reason too. We were headed to my dad's house, and  #1 I always get a little overexcited to go to my dad's and #2 trying to get seven people away for the weekend is overwhelming even for a compulsive packer and organizer like me.

So we were in the car on the way and we stopped at (I kid you not) El Tipi. (The cultural confusion of that place is either brilliant or disturbing.) (Also, I was born in the town that produced that. Also either brilliant or scary.)

Point. I know there was one.

Oh yeah, the kids were hungry. So I grabbed 60 cent bags of goldfish and passed them out. When I opened Jane's bag a few fell out and I popped them in my mouth.

"Oh my gosh. These are the best goldfish ever."

"Seriously. These are amazing."

"Do you think they make them differently in Oklahoma?"

"I'm just gonna take a few more of Jane's." (Yeah, I took a snack from my kid. Pass the MOTY trophy right here.

At this point Russ is looking at my like I've lost my mind because I'm literally raving about Goldfish.

At which point it dawns on me. I forgot to eat lunch.

So, anyways, have yall heard of these wonderful snacks called Goldfish?

If you just skip a few meals and then go buy some, they will be revolutionary to your taste buds.