The Appearances and How they Deceive

Listen Y'all, I have been blowing up Instagram with adorable pictures because I have a new baby so I get a pass for that. I've also posted a few family pics in the week and half since Jane was born and everyone is all like, "You are super woman", "How do you do that?", and the like. I feel like it's time to come clean. While I do feel really really good I am not, in fact, super woman.

Once again I jut have an awesome village. So lets clear a few things up.

20130903-083848.jpg This woman in a dress and heels? Has done nothing except sit in a recliner and nurse her baby and read books to her toddlers. Due to all the help she hasn't even wiped a single bottom. There were people there to hold her babies, change diapers, and serve snacks while she fixed her hair and squeezed into some Spanx. That party? We stayed just long enough to hug the bride and groom, scarf down some food, and head home.

Not so super woman now, huh?

20130903-084223.jpg This mama? Has not wiped a counter, fixed a meal, or bathed her children. Sure we were all in adorable matching Tech clothes, but that was our only big accomplishment for the day. This mama had her mama to do everything for her and she still barely managed to get her kids dressed.

20130903-084442.jpg This mommy that has no make up on and is sitting in the La-Z-Boy recliner in her workout clothes that haven't seen a workout in a while? That's reality for this mommy.

Why am I telling you this now? Because I'm so honest and forthright?

Ummmm, no.

Because today is my first day flying solo. I am excited about finding our daily groove as a family of five, but lets be honest, all those adorable family pics? Not gonna happen.

So just know if you're not feeling like super mom today, neither am I.

Oh Look! Just for fun here is a picture in which you can see my "mummy tummy" in all its glory!