The Cloth Diaper Thing

So if you would have asked five years ago I would have told you I wasn't even really sure if I wanted kids. Well I do. Lots of em.

If you would have asked me just two years ago I would have told you that I want kids, but I'm not gonna be one of those hipster mommies. Nothing about formula, kids videos, or disposable diapers bothered me.

Now? Today? I have become that mom. That wife. That person.

I'm not hardcore and I certainly don't think my way is the only way or even the right way for everybody. I didn't change my mind about everything overnight. It was one little decision after another.

It started small. I wanted whole foods in my house. Lose the processing and preserves. It was difficult and we are still working on it.

Then I decided I wanted to let my body do what it God made it to do when I had Lily. Again, not for everybody, but it worked for me and I felt great.

Nursing was next. All the sudden I had a determination in me to just keep in natural (I weaned at nine months because of the course my pregnancy was taking.)

Then I started recycling. Just the basic easy stuff. Cans, milk jugs, paper.

At last the crazy set in for good. This where those closest to me decided I had lost it. (Russ and Boo)

I ordered cloth diapers.

Now reactions and even just the regularity of cloth diapering is pretty regional. Suffice it to say it's not prevalent in the Texas Panhandle. So I get a lot of weird looks and lots of questions.

So here is the (very little) I know.

We use Sunbaby All in ones. Which means that we don't buy different sizes because they just snap to fit. It is just a diaper with a pocket to put absorbent inserts in.

The #1 diapers are just as easy if not easier than disposables. You just change them and put them in the diaper champ to be washed later. The # 2's? Not so quite so easy, but not as bad as you think. Just empty in the toilet and then if necessary rinse.

I wash two or three times a week. A little baking soda eliminates the smell.

I haven't been brave enough to travel without disposables yet but I'm thinking about it soon.

Like I said the crazy set in. It's not going away.

Any questions?