The Day We Cooked

Also entitled: The Day I Lost my Everloving Mind and Let My 17 Month Old Help Lily loves to sit on the counter while I work in the kitchen (I'm hesitant to say cook because I actually do very little of that). It's kind of a chore to keep her hands busy and out of the bananas, but I figure it is a good learning process for her.


The other day I decided that since she is there and she needs something to do I could let her dump and mix some dry ingredients. Because isn't that just so picture perfect? Teaching your sweet little girl to cook while you smile and have Eskimo kisses.


I was making Energy Bites (which by the way are nursing dream food) so I gave her a cup of coconut flakes and showed her how to dump them in the bowl. However as toddlers are want to do she wasn't paying much attention, as my eyes followed her eyes I suddenly saw the object of her focus...

An open jar of peanut butter.

My life flashed before my eyes as a faster-than-she-looks baby squeezed four fingers together and scooped a chunk of peanut butter out à la Winnie the Pooh and his honey pot faster than you can say "time out."

As I tried to recover the peanut butter she darted in for the honey and the next few minutes are blur but I vaguely remember it going something like this,

As I snatch for the peanut butter, "Do Not get into that honey."

As I snatch for now the peanut butter and honey, "Do Not touch that bowl Lily Kate!"

Now my hands are full of peanut butter, honey, and a large mixing bowl, "LILY KATE DO NOT TURN ON THAT COFFEE MACHINE!!!"

(Mind you her hands at this point are covered in peanut butter, honey and coated with oatmeal and coconut)

It was crazy. It was like that first glance of an open jar and she went rabid. Laughing hysterically. Snatching at everything she could get her hands on!!!

So genius that I am I set her down, where everything she touched got COVERED in her mess.

I think we'll hold off on cooking for the next couple of months while the kitchen and I try to recover...