The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday morning when she woke up this post regarding my little Avacakes was accurate. No more.

In the morning she was fussy and was having none of that "being put down" business. She insisted that I hold her or there was all out wailing. Extremely uncharacteristic for my laid back baby, but she's been struggling with a cold and a runny nose an running the occasional low grade temperature. So like a rookie I just didn't see what was going on.

Fast forward to after nap...

I feel her little gums clamp down on my shoulder and...


In case you aren't familiar with baby teeth they are sharp little suckers and my Ava Mae? Now has two!

Which, of course, I totally didn't expect because the Bug didn't teeth until she was eleven months old.

And as if that weren't quite enough in one tiny baby's life, she has also mastered the mechanics of crawling. Hands and knees. Given, right now she's still a faster inch worm, but I know this story. I give it a week maybe two before I can no longer turn my back before she's off like a rocket!

Sheesh. I say it's time for all of us to take a nap. That sure is a lot of growing all in one day. I'm spent!