The Doctor Will See You Now...

We had a morning full of doctors appointments and I, my friends, am the only one that came away without a shot. Why? Because evidently I paid my dues with the whole four hours of labor followed by a shot in the arm immediately after. It's about time someone acknowledged my hard work ;) Anyway Lilybug is as healthy as they come albeit a little cranky, but you would be too if they stuck needles in both your legs so we're letting this one go!

All that to say that we almost have all our homestudy paper work together and our first visit will be on Saturday at three. Please pray for us because as we all know I'm not the absolute Best housekeeper, close, but not quite*! So the thought of someone coming in and inspecting makes me have a nervous twitch!

*If you believed that for a second you have obviously not ever met our pet dust bunnies!