The Good and The Bad

THE BAD NEWS is I can't remember ONE SINGLE address I have lived at in the last seven years including my current addressTHE GOOD NEWS is that Amazon never forgets and I have evidently relied heavily on this site for my shopping needs as they had EVERY address I have lived at as an adult.

THE BAD NEWS is that the Steeler and the Packers are in the Superbowl and I care about neither. THE GOOD NEWS is that no matter who is playing at least the commercials should be interesting.

THE BAD NEWS is no heat at the Legion Hall so we still can't have class there THE GOOD NEWS is my awesome dance parents pulled together and found some alternate spaces to have class this week.

THE BAD NEWS is I learned a hip-hop combo that I feel like my girls deserve a shot at which means making a complete fool of myself THE GOOD NEWS is none of my girls have a YouTube account...that I know of...

THE BAD NEWS is Lily has talked through EVERY SINGLE NAP today. THE GOOD NEWS is Lily is 'talking' a lot now and her voice is so sweet!

THE BAD NEWS is I'm STILL in my Pajamas due to snow and freezing temps. THE GOOD NEWS is I don't have much laundry to do!