The Hair vs Skin Conundrum

I'm not by any means a superstitious person but I'm almost afraid to say this for fear I will jinx it: I'm having good hair.

Not even just today. I have just been having a good hair summer. For whatever mysterious combination of reasons it is all bouncy and perky and I can go like three, maybe even four days without washing. (Don't judge. I hate washing my hair. I'm still bathing regularly.) As far as I can tell I haven't changed up the hair routine any so it must jut be some miracle that Providence has granted me.


All ups must have their downs, No?

You see the problem is my skin. Any amount of time passed in the sun no longer leaves me looking glowing and fresh the way it has in the past. My sun kissed look has turned into a bit of a leathery mess, and while I'm no stranger to slathering on the SPF no amount of goop seems to be changing that.

I'm also battling a bit a huge pregnancy mask problem on my upper lip that leaves me looking like I'm chasing after that whole mustache trend a little too seriously.

The only good answer I've found? Hats. Big huge face ,neck, and chest shielding hats.

But, dude, HATS. Hats that cover up the bouncy, happy, voluminous hair.

What's a girl to do?

(I mean besides ceasing to obsess over various shallow and temporary physical states of being.)

(Because really? That would be far too reasonable.)