The Last One is One

Dear Sweet Baby Jane,

My precious, darling girl, yesterday you turned one. My heart could both explode and implode at the same time. In this season of crazy I have desperately grabbed to savor every moment of you. But you move fast. I mean really fast. So I don't ever quite feel like I get enough of you.

Your walking, and talking. You giggle and you give the best stinking hugs of anyone i know. You have lungs that can ensure that you get heard over all your brothers and sisters. Combined. Your curiosity is insatiable and can only be rivaled by your bravery to try anything. Being the baby doesn't ever seem to hold you back from keeping up with your siblings. 

Also sweet baby? You are profoundly affectionate. You love deeply, and give the sweetest sugars. You have spent the last two months in Uganda as our own personal goodwill ambassador. Everyone adores you. And you pretty much adore everyone. But you know your people and we get a little special Janie love! 

Thursday you will go home to be with daddy. I won't get to see you again for a whole month! Judging by how much you have changed this last month you will be a whole new baby by then, or at least a full blown toddler. 

I love your sweet face. Daddy and I are praying for you constantly baby girl!