The Little Diaper that Could

Also entitled: The Post in Which I reach the Most Pitiful of Pitiful in the, "Things I Get Excited About" category. (That just seemed a little wordy)

The Bug in her whole 21 months of life has had so few blowouts you could count them on one hand.

But before you have a jealous fit let me tell you that my Avacakes? Can blow out that many diapers in just a few days.

20120711-151954.jpg It amazes me that something so sweet and precious on this end could create such a terrifying mess on the other end.

We tried our AIO cloths and those weren't cutting it. We also tried size twos, threes, and fours of Pampers, Huggies, and even Luvs.

Nothing doing on that tiny hiney.

20120711-152307.jpg Seriously so sweet up here. Just don't look down there.

And here comes the part where I realize I have sunk to new lows in the "I'm really excited about this" department.

Best Bottoms

(what you should have heard when you read that was a choir of Angels singing)

(Here I'll let you try again)

Best Bottoms

$150 buck-a-Roos got us enough to diaper both girls for two days without laundry. (I do diaper laundry every other day anyways)

And this system isn't letting anything through.

The cover is a one size cover and once you've snapped it to fit you just snap in the correct size insert. This also means that you only have to use one cover a day (or possibly more than a day if you're lazy like me) because they did a handy little thing in making the inside of the cover waterproof so if anything gets past the inserts? You can just wipe it off right then.

(I can still hear Angels singing)

I suspect however the double gusset leg is the real hero here because it creates a seal around those chubby little thighs.

Also due to the fact you only change the insert they're much easier to take on the road.

There I did it.

I just spent an entire post talking about diapers.

And poop. I talked about poop too.