The Nod of Respect

There has been a shift. Something major has changed. I would like to send this out to all mothers of one that want more children.

When out in public with my children I now get The Nod of Respect. Oh yes. The Nod of Respect.

No longer am I bombarded with advice and admonished to "not take it for granted." I'm no longer looked at like I'm as green as the newly budded spring and therefore must be clueless.

The Nod of Respect.

Because somehow, magically, by getting impregnated and giving birth for the second time I have earned the respect of the general public. Somehow they now see me as a savvy mom of two.

Does anyone else think this is weird!?!?

Because, sure, I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve this time, but I'm still fundamentally the same kind of mom.

I'm still paranoid to a fault about what goes in my kids mind, body, and spirit. I am still obsessive about my babies getting lots and lots of rest and good sleep. I will don't care what they put in their mouths and I will still go let my one year play in the backyard by herself. I still soak in, enjoy, and cherish 90% of my time as a mother and I still spend the other 10% counting the minutes to bedtime (just being honest here).

So hang in there. Evidently all it takes to receive The Nod of Respect is moving from one to two!