The Ornithology Conundrum

Turns out my Bug is a bit of a naturalist. Especially in the area of ornithology (don't worry I had to Google it too), she is obsessed with sitting at the front door and watching the birds. In fact, yesterday she sat and watched them for almost twenty minutes, which is approximately two years in toddler time. However, we have a bit of a problem because in my idealistic attempt to be a great mom I decided I would always try to let her explore her interest, but I am TERRIFIED of birds. The particular brand of birds on our front porch are the kind that will come swooping down and peck out your eyes if you get close to their nest (okay I made the eye part up, but it seems likely).

Since Russ thinks birds are gross and I'm scared of them, would anyone like to volunteer to make a bird feeder and sit out in the backyard and bird watch with my baby?