The Referral Part One

Last Thursday didn't start out well for me. I was stretching while yawning and I turned me head and something got stuck. Painfully, excruciatingly, frozen in agonizing pain stuck. I stood and cried because I couldn't sit or lay. I could only slowly walk with my head down. Obviously I couldn't take care of two babies in this condition, so Russ called in to work. He painstakingly helped me to lay down on the couch, he fed me, and dressed and groomed the girls. He was a hero.

After a morning of hot baths, a heating pad, even my sweet neighbor who does massage therapy and acupressure came over and worked on me, and so many hours of laying there praying I finally regained some movement and the pain started to subside. Praise God.

Which is why I was sitting in our recliner pressed a gained the warmth of a heating pad doing a little party planning for our upcoming shindigs when I got a call from an Austin number. Now I don't usually answer numbers that I dot know because I get around fifteen calls a week for somebody named Stephanie. Mostly bill collectors. This had been going on for about five years despite my attempts to explain that I'm not Stephanie. So I didn't answer.

Then right in the middle of a text message I realized that I don't get sales calls from Austin. My heart started pounding.

I called back as quickly as I could and pushed the extension to our adoption counselor as soon as I heard the click that their phone system had picked up.

"Hi Jennifer, this is Kaylie I saw I missed you call?"

"Hi Kaylie, I have some good news"

Cue freak out.

I put the phone on speaker and walked into the kitchen where, by the grace of God, Russ was. We listened in a fog. Two boys, brothers, paper work, there will be an email. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I had so many plans for what my reaction was going to be. Me with all my drama and enthusiasm. I expected I would dance. I would squeal. I would jump up and down.

I didn't. I couldn't.

I sank to my knees.

And cried out to The Lord.

He answered prayers. He moved mountains....