The Rise and Fall of My Hair

Quite frankly if that title didn't grip you I don't know what will. The other day I saw one of my friends in the before noon hours of the day and then I saw her again in the evening hours and her hair was the same both times. Let me repeat. Her hair. Fixed the same both times.

Blew. My. Mind.

Why? Because that NEVER happens to me and it never occurred to me that it was possible.

My hair has a cyclical rise and fall(except for Wednesday night which is church night and has a cycle of its own) that is as follows.

Early Morning: Take hair down and fix. This could be straight, curly, hot rollers, whatever I usually try to do something.

Lunch: Throw it in a low ponytail to get it out of my way while I get lunch on the table. Occasionally I'll just throw on a headband or clip the front part back to really shake it up (because I'm crazy and unpredictable like that)

Late afternoon: This is my walking time so the pony has to go up to the crown of my head to keep my hair both off my back and out of my face.

Dinner: The pony gets twisted into bun.

Late evening: the bun rises to heights that would make pebbles jealous as I get ready for bed. Which is where it stays (well sort of) until I start over the next morning.

What I'm wondering here is consistent all day hair a level of hair maturity I jut haven't reached? Is it genetic? Or is there some other secret or mystery I'm missing in the "all day fixed" look?