The Thanks I Owe

***Ashley you won the giveaway!*** So we got back last Wednesday and we have had havoc ever since. At first Ava went on a bed strike and wouldn't sleep anywhere but mommy's arms. Which, to be honest, I sorta loved, but I knew at some point I was going to need to actually do something. Then the Bug (who has slept twelve hours a night since she was four months old) stopped sleeping. Stopped. Sleeping.

Now that I've hit you with the bad news can I share with you some hope?

It wasn't easy to fly with two under two...but it wasn't hard either. It just was what it was and then it was over.

The biggest challenges where entertaining during the three hour layover and a nice hearty lunch did the trick for that, and actually getting the carseat and toddler buckled in while wearing a baby. I had strategies in plae and they were good strategies and they worked for the most part.

I still couldn't have done it alone. The best part? I didn't have to do any of it alone. In case you were losing faith in little blessings let me share my thank you's with you:

-to the lady in the security line, thanks for singing songs with the Bug.

-to the security guy dealing with my terrified toddler (she hated security), thanks for letting her hold the wand.

-to BOTH of the attendants that carried my carseat to a window seat and set it for me. Thank you.

-to the sweet lady that squatted down in front of the seat where I momentarily had to sit Avacakes down to make sure she stayed put and entertain her, thank you for both your help and respecting boundaries by not just scooping her up.

-thanks to the gentleman that passed the gum to my baby Bug when mommy forgot to get some.

-Thanks to the dad that threw away our trash after we had finished eating because I didn't want to leave my babies unattended in the airport.

-Thanks to the sweet grandmother who laughed grabbed a wet one when she saw Ava spit up while I was trying to get Lilys food to her.

- Thanks for the smiles, the compliments, and the knowing looks of compassion free of judgment.

-Thank you Jesus for reminding me that you do work in mysterious ways. No one could have fathomed less than me how a long day of travel with two little ones could be such a blessing.