The Theory of Relativity (Further) Explained

Einstein explained the theory of relativity by saying that is was the difference between putting your hand on a hot stove for one minute or kissing a pretty girl for one minute. In one situation that minute is going to seem like a long time and in the other not quite enough. I would like to give you a few further illustrations: -When your Hubs says on the way to church, "Hey, it's kinds warm today," and you look at the temperature and it is a whopping 24 degrees. Better than the 5 it has been I guess?

-When you have been pregnant and have a newborn and therefor have not slept for quite some time and your sweet baby gives you a solid six hours and suddenly bouncing off the walls with energy.

-When you get your house dusted for the first time in several weeks and your house suddenly feels clean enough to be in a commercial. (It's not)

-When you catch yourself calling your 3 year old and your 1 year old "the big girls," because hey! Around here they are.

-When you are a kid and you have to wait a WHOLE 25 days until Christmas, when you are an adult and you ONLY have 25 days until Christmas.

Any illustrations you would like to share?