The Use and Mis-use of the term Uh Oh

Anyone want to guess what Lily learned now? That's right she learned to say "uh oh." Which is incredibly adorable especially in her little sing-song voice she uses to talk.

She falls down and says "uh oh"

Drops her milk? "uh oh"

But as is human nature, moments after correctly learning to use the term, she started abusing her new found phrase.

First it was just a small infraction. She would "let go" of her milk instead of dropping it so that she could say "uh oh". Then this morning she got into a cabinet that she wasn't supposed to get into and tried to pass it off as an "uh oh" when we told her not to touch. (which was was funny in person and Russ and I were both biting our lips not to laugh audibly).

Now she is taking the misuse to whole new level. She is starting to say "uh oh" BEFORE she does something she is forbidden to do. It's hard to explain to a one year old that your on to her game because "uh oh" is a soley after-the-fact kind of phrase.

Then again maybe she is on to something. Uh oh, the bathrooms didn't get cleaned today ;)

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