The Very Hungry...

We are big fans of reading around here. Among the current favorites is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We love this book; it's a science, math, nutrition lesson all rolled into one bright exciting book.

However I have noticed a phenomenon when I read this book. We make it through the apples and oranges and what-have-you and somewhere around the ice cream cone the caterpillar is no longer the only one hungry around here.

Given my ramped up metabolism needs a few extra calories these days, there is really no accounting for the amount of food I can consume on any given day at this point. It's a spectacular sight to behold. And since one fruit (of the spirit) I don't seem to have right now is self control this book may just have to be set to the side.

...or maybe I'll just go get a snack and read it to her again ; )