The Voices in my Head

Don't lie, you know you have them too. No?

Well okay then.

I'm actually talking about those words certain people speak to you that stay on playback for pretty much your whole life. Mostly they come from highly influential people that have poured in to me. God was no fool when He told us to meditate on scripture. He knows things get stuck

I have some particularly awesome voices is my head. Nathalie our pastor's wife in Lubbock poured in to me like crazy, when it comes to spiritual things her voice speaks. My good friend and Chi Omega big sis? Her voice is in my head to reminding me to put on some mascara and be an extent. But by far the most prominent voice is my mama's voice. She is a fountain of good solid wisdom.

Let me share with you a quick story:

Once upon a time there was a high strung emotional fourteen year old girl that was going through puberty and transitioning to high school and just dealing with a lot in general. One day after she had come home from school complaining about her "friends" for who knows how many days in a row and on the verge of tears from all the injustice done to her, her generally sweet encouraging mama looked at her and said, "If everyone else around you is being mean, it isn't everyone else."


Like a Mac truck.

Those aren't words that easily leave you.

So even though I have spent the past couple of weeks feeling very annoyed and over burdened by everyone around me the voice in the back of my head had the nerve to mention that it might be just a touch too coincidental that all 5,999,999,999 other people on Earth all decided to be obnoxious at the same time and it might possibly, maybe have something to do with me.


All that to say, I will be back soon with a big announcement and tons of funny baby a stories but right now I need to go count my blessings.

And make all the fingernails stop scratching the chalkboard!