The Week That Wasn't Great...

It started with an Easter fast of sorts, part of which included me giving up caffeine for a few weeks. Seventeen hours in I got a headache. Twenty hours in I started puking. So yeah, that fasting with a cheerful face thing? Not so much there for awhile. But crazy enough after two days knocked out and some serious praying I just sort of popped back up. I mean I seriously felt not only fine on Tuesday evening, but somewhat energetic, because God is just so cool like that. However now I have to face my, evidently, severe addiction to caffeine. Fun. And thennnnnnnn…As it turns out I needed my energy restored because, you know, I have a two year old. The most adorable, cuddly, precious two year old on earth. Y'all I mean it when I say that stuff because she is awesome and has such an amazing sense of humor. I just want that out there when I tell you about our two year old week.

She knocked my phone in the toilet. While I was on it (sorry Kate!). (The phone not the toilet.) Since it was already a cracked mess no rice could recover it. Then she took off her diaper and pooped in bed at nap. And ohhhhhhhhh, how she laughed. I didn't. Well I didn't then, it's kinda funny now. She also stripped naked about three times when she was outside this week because evidently seventy degrees mean clothing optional.  Last but not least when we were at a friends yesterday, right in the stinking midst of me explaining how challenging her particular toddlerhood has been she straight up walked in the room chugging down some blue water. Thats right. Blue water. Blue lips, blue tongue, blue teeth. Turns out she decided to drop a marker in her water bottle and thought the result was pretty cool. Maybe she is just an experimental scientist. Yeah. That's it, she isn't just crazy into everything. She is training for a career in research science.

I feel better now that we have talked about this. Don't you?