They Just Wanted to Wear Shorts

I could see mutiny in their eyes.  Three sixty degree days in a row with a forecast in the seventies. The message was coming in loud and clear: Give them shorts or there would be an overthrowing of the current power structure. 

And it's not that I didn't want them to have shorts. It was just that judging by the way their jeans had started to prepare for a flood by the end of February, I knew the waistbands of their shorts would show a similar type of shriking their duty. 

So I thought I'd just grab one or two shorts out of storage and only for the kids who really needed them. 

Hey! Remember that time I just wanted the jacket off the ground and my kids ended up eating birdseed for a snack?



(Yeah, that mess is enough to send me twitching. Talk about faith to move a mountain...of clothes!)

Well...the good news is they didn't eat birdseed this time.

The bad news? I had to dump all the clothes on the floor to find shorts, we grabbed them and then headed over to my friend Jennifer's house, so when I got home, all those piles of clothes were still waiting for me. 

By then end of the day I had the girls' spring clothes put into some semblance of order.


(A thing of beauty...for about ten seconds.)

I will tackle the boys' spring clothes today.

Which means you can reasonably expect a March blizzard in 3...2....1....