This Is How We Roll

Oh the randomness! So you know those blogs where people post pretty pictures of their awesome recipes. Well I, obviously, am not one of those people, because while I have awesome eating skillz my cooking skill rank on the low end of average. But mediocrity has never stopped me before. So I thought I might tell you that we go to the grocery store on the 15th of the month, but didn't go today, which means that we are fresh out of ingredients due to a months worth of awesome eating skilz. So tonight I made up a recipe that went a little something like this:

-Thaw frozen shrimp

-Dump alfredo sauce into the pan, realize it isn't enough, so add some tomato sauce to fill it out.

-Go to get the fettuccine out of the cabinet  only to realize we were out, grab so whole wheat rotini.

-Decide the sauce needs a little 'something'  dump in cajun seasoning (and I do mean dump) Cayenne and Red Pepper

Because that my friends is how we roll, if your mouth is burning it no longer matters what it tastes like!

Speaking of rolling...Lily rolled six times yesterday. Which is huge because as of yet she has refused to do that (and we will ignore the fact she has refused to do it since) and I have been having a panic attack that she needed physical therapy calmly encouraging her to do her best. She rolled back to front each time and she was slow, but I didn't mind waiting!

Speaking of waiting I have had some questions about how the adoption process is going. Well this is what I have posted on my fridge if it is any indication:

(Sorry about the lighting, Russ was putting Lily down for bed)

We are waiting. We are actually waiting on the following things right now:

- Tax Return


-Pictures from Snapfish

-Background check

-Financial provision

It is difficult and frustrating but all those things should come in the next few weeks. Most of them are in the works right now and I can only assume that God has plans for the financial provision part, because we sure don't!

Okay, really, that is plenty of rambling for one evening.