Three Days

It's day three.Three days of no red cans in my life. Three days of consciously denying myself one of my daily staples. Three days with out that beautiful red can full of goodness. I'm trying to quit cokes. I've tried before and three days is about as long as I managed. Today I'm breaking through. Despite the splitting, nausea-inducing headache I fully expect to hit this afternoon (further proving that my dependence has gotten a little out of control) I am determined to push though.

And as if that self-inflicted torture was not enough I haven't been able to bear the thought of putting up this pastel polka dotted-pink ribboned package. It just doesn't deserve to be in a closet.

100_2080At least I know that this is only 5 more days of tempting goodness!

Pray for me today! I'll need it! Have a blessed day!