Three Months

Hi Miss Avacakes! You are a big bright three months old today. You love to be tickled and to laugh. You are so strong and you just started sitting straight up in your Bumbo this week! Unfortunately you are still not a fan of the carseat. Any chance you'll be changing your mind on that one soon?

Baby girl it is so much fun to watch you grow and learn, I'm just getting around to tearing myself away from you so that you can actually have some floor time. I know you need it, but you are just such a great cuddle bug and I have learned that the days of new baby snuggling pass far too quickly. Know this sweet girl, your mama won't take one second of it for granted!

Also the sibling relationship has begun in earnest with your big sister. The other day your daddy and I watched for twenty minutes as she tried desperately to make you take your beloved paci only to watch you I've a sly smile and let it slip out of your mouth over and over. Hear me on these two things:

1. She will always try to boss you around. It's the way God made big sisters. In her heart she really does want what's best for you so go easy on her.

2. But not too easy. There will be times that you are the only person that can teach her she is not the boss of everybody. (A lesson your Uncle Bubba has taught me well)

Ava you are loved well in a house full of love. I pray desperately that you will always know that. Keeps that sweet smile!

Love Mommy