Three Months

Hey Sweet Baby Jane! You are three beautiful months old now baby girl and you are just the sweetest thing ever. Your eyes are deep blue and you hair glints red.

About that red hair, the thing is I've prayed for a red head because I just think everything from a carrot top to a strawberry blond to a deep auburn is just beyond cute. And the odds weren't in your favor with two blonde sisters and parents both born blonde, but nonetheless there it is.


And you might be wondering why I'm going on and on about this. Well I'll tell you: Because you need to know that God answers prayers. You need to know that he doesn't just answer the Big Life Changing Prayers, and truthfully sometimes His answer is no, but just know that even if your hair changes that picture right there is proof that God cares about every little detail of every prayer you pray. He cares about you the same way He cares for me. Don't ever forget that.

Other developments this month? You took your first road trip up to Oklahoma to see Paulette who is, crazy enough, your first cousin twice removed. But, hey! We love family around here. You are also absolutely adorable about your sisters. You do not care at ALL to be alone. As much as I try to keep them out of your face and from pulling and tugging at you, you have now made yourself clear that is the way you like it. They pile all over you and you just smile your sweet smile all day long.

Happy three months baby. Mommy and daddy love you and pray for you constantly!

Love, Mommy