Three Years: LilyBug

Dearest Baby Bug, Today you are three. It has been a crazy year I have watched the curious little toddler push for answers and grow until suddenly it seems the baby you were is giving way to the little girl you will become.

God has done mighty things in you this last year, not the least of which was potty training. You have developed an amazing sense of humor, you know things like letters and their sounds, you argue and negotiate like you get paid to make a deal. Your arms and legs and even your little belly have stretched out and suddenly look long and lean, gone are your rubber band arms and legs. It all seems strangely grown up.

Lily your character (along with your will) is already proving strong. This year you have nursed your sick mommy with compassion, helped your little sister learn right from wrong with grace, and humbled yourself to pitch in and help with a new baby in the house. You are beautiful. The kind that shines from the inside out. The kind that matters.

Given you do have a stinker side too. Somehow the evangelist in you always comes out when you get in trouble. When mommy is mad you love to use that moment to inquire, "Mommy, do you know about Jesus dying on the cross." Don't think I don't know what your up to! You also have a sneaky little habit of whispering "misdirection" in your sister's ear. Trust me, I know when climbing out of the stroller while it was going was your idea and not hers.

You adore books and will sit and listen to me read even chapter books until my voice gives out, or more likely, someone needs a diaper change. You love to swing and give Ave rides on your tricycle, and all of the sudden you are incredibly opinionated about your clothes. Come to think of it, you are incredibly opinionated almost all of the time and I wouldn't have it any other way. You strength is a wonderful part of you. My favorite new development this year is definitely after nap snuggles that you have started insisting on, it a rare moment of still and tender that shows itself in you.

Sweet Lilybug you are precious to my heart. Your daddy and I are blown away watching our little flower blossom. We love you so much!

Happy Birthday!

Love Mommy