Tomorrow is the day for our tiebreaker! Huh? Tomorrow is sonogram day! The day we find out if belly baby is a boy or girl. Confused about the tiebreaker. Here I'll break it down for you:



The Bug=Girl

Sweet One in Uganda=Boy


So what all that adds up to is two girls and two boys. Tomorrow we find out who wins.

Why 'wins' you say?

Because everyone knows whoever wins the gender battle can always out vote the other out on movie night. So really what this is all about is whether we are going to watch Cars or Sound of Music. Who knew huge life changing things like this could really be boiled down to Lightning McQueen or a Do Re Me medley?!?!?

Of course on the downside the gender winners will also have to share a room. (Except for Hubs and me because we already share a room.)


So all that to say check back around 9:30-10:00 to find out watch we will be watching for the rest of our lives (or until we have another one ;)


*Note on the Pics. I forgot about this post until Russ was headed out the door for work this morning so if we all look a little groggy that's why!