Toddler Opinions

Just in case you've never been around a toddler for very long an you wonder what makes them so prone to tantrums, it's the opinions. Toddlers have a lot of strong opinions. For example (Deep Breath):

Which shoes she should wear. Which feet she should wear them on. Who should put them on her. Who should buckle the shoes. What vehicle we take. Who should buckle the car seat. Where she should sit. Where you should sit. Where the second cousins neighbor's dog should sit. What she should where. When she should get dress. Or not dressed. What she wants for snack. How that snack is served. What you eat for snack. Where you sit while you eat that snack. What book you should read to her. What book she should read to you. How the pillows in the living room are arranged. Which color crayon she wants. Which color crayon you should be coloring with.

*Any of these are subject to change upon actually receiving them*

**Not having agreement with strong opinions will result in thrashing on the ground and dangerously high decibel level on your home**