Tornados, Writer's Block, and Cake

I'm having a little case of writer's block. It isn't that I don't have anything to write about because honestly I have lots of stuff to tell you about (preview: Major Change in birth plan, impending Etsy shop opening, and of course the girls usual shenanigans.) but here is the truth: I almost never write about natural disasters or major tragedies because there are so many people out there that write so beautifully when this stuff happens. Also this is a personal blog not actually a platform, although sometimes you wouldn't know it. Last week? It got personal. I just haven't had the words or the presence of mind to be able to write any thing.

Come close. I have a secret to tell you.

A little closer....

I was born in Oklahoma.

I know, I don't share that info very often because there isn't anything Texans like to do more than razz our Okie brothers and sisters and I've actually lived in Texas my whole life.

But my people are there. Lots of them. My daddy lives across that river. I danced at a studio in OKC in high school and truthfully on the side of the Panhandle I grew up on the ties that bind their Panhandle and ours are strong.

So last Monday caused a bit of meltdown for me. I was in the middle of a breakup with my doctor when I heard the news. I couldn't even count how many friends I have that live in Moore, Oklahoma. I have friends that our teachers, family with kids in school, and so many people that live in that area that I was desperate to hear from. Thank The Lord for Facebook.

It got personal.

My cousin lost her home. My great aunt and uncle sustained serious damage. I was blessed that everyone I knew came out alive. At the end of the day that tornado just seemed so personal.

I have spent a lot of time talking to Jesus about that one. It took me a solid four days to get calm about it and by that time I was on my way to OKC for a pre planned family reunion.

While I wasn't able to go directly into Moore to help with my little ones I was standing in the midst of what can only be considered the awesomeness of people. It was beautiful. Many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins were able to go help clean up or deliver supplies and aid. It was so amazing to see God's people at work!

Less than 48 hours after getting home Russ and I were sitting helplessly in front of a TV that had gone out with no Internet and a tornado headed right for us.


Our village came through for us (don't they always?) and within moment I was on the phone with my aunt who was giving me updates and let me know in no uncertain terms when it was time to take cover. Again we turned to our village and called some friends with a basement, quietly and (at least outwardly) calmly got the girls out of bed and headed over.

There was a party going on. Seriously.

There was even cake. I would say no less than fifteen kids and all their families. The guys were upstairs watching the radar basketball and I headed downstairs to hang with the other mommies and watch the kiddos play. It was kind of wonderful.

It struck me that there is a mind blowing discordant blend of fragility and strength to life that you see more clearly in times like this. That two opposite forces could simultaneously not only dwell together, but support each other.

Me? I'm just blessed to be surrounded by an awesome village!